Lakewood Lower Back Pain


Back muscles generally experience pain because of excessive strain on them or misalignment. These can occur because of a number of reasons whether natural or external. It is imperative that you recieve a solution to your upper or lower back pain right away before the pain extends to other parts of your body.

Puget Sound Natural Medicine is the one stop solution for relief from upper or lower back pain for Lakewood, WA residents. We understand that relying on modern medicine has several side effects and at times do not produce lasting results.

We work passionately to deliver natural and effective measures and treatment to relieve you of any pain in your upper or lower back. When looking for upper or lower back pain relief, Lakewood residents can count on us as we:

  • Have decades of experience
  • Prioritize safe methods of treatment
  • Ensure recovery without any side effects

Lakewood Back Pain


Lower or upper back pain can extent towards the front of the chest or down the legs as well. If left untreated or ignored, it can cause severe damage to nerves and muscles. Backache is not something to be treated lightly as it is an ailment second only to the common cold.

Even though it is not a disease itself, it definitely can be a symptom to larger problems. Therefore, reach out to a medical professional who can help you naturally through chiropractic adjustments to relieve you of your lower or upper back pain in the Lakewood area.

Some of the most common causes of upper or lower back pain include:

  • Muscle or ligament strain
  • Ruptured disks
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Movement and posture

Lakewood Upper Back Pain


Are you suffering from lower or upper back pain and need a solution that actually relieves you of the annoying back pain? If yes, then give us a call right away.

Whether it is a recent sport injury, or a pain existing for many years, we are confident about alleviating you of it effectively. We diagnose and treat lower or upper back pain using many key methods like:

  • Tested chiropractic techniques
  • Major lifestyle modifications
  • Efficient back exercises
  • Proper diet and natural supplements

Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our services or for the best lower or upper back pain remedies in the Lakewood area. Call Puget Sound Natural Medicine at (253) 579-3958 for relief from upper or lower back pain in the Lakewood area.