University Place Lower Back Pain


Backache can be a real trouble. Not only are you impaired from moving around freely, but you are unable to perform many tasks due to the back pain. Ignoring the problem or delaying the treatment can lead to further deterioration and can cause more pain.

Get in touch with a reputed doctor straight away to get the right consultation and treatment. Find time to consult the doctors at Puget Sound Natural Medicine for effective treatment of lower back pain in University Place, WA. Dr. Gilbertson is a reputed naturopath and chiropractor offering patients lower back pain relief for many years.

Rest assured that he can offer relief from lower back pain by:

  • Correct diagnosis
  • Natural and holistic treatment
  • Stress free and careful follow-up

Our doctor will first diagnose the problem after considering the lower back pain causes and your symptoms. Once the cause of trouble is known, he will conduct holistic treatment by way of stretches and other methods to bring instant and prolonged relief.

University Place Back Pain


Both lower and upper back pain can be troublesome. Finding the correct cause of the problem is an important aspect of the treatment and can be summed up as half the battle won. Not all doctors or naturopaths are able to make the correct diagnosis, leading to prolonged treatment and little to no relief.

Rely on Dr. Gilbertson for the correct diagnosis of lower and upper back pain in University Place. Our lower and upper back pain treatment emphasizes:

  • Correct posture
  • Adequate and correct exercises
  • Minimal medicine

We will help you do the lower and upper back pain exercises in the correct manner so that you get relief from your pain and slowly the root cause of the trouble is healed.

University Place Upper Back Pain


Patients experiencing upper back pain in University Place often find it difficult to work as the pain might radiate to both arms and shoulders. An experienced chiropractor like Dr. Gilbertson can help in alleviating the pain slowly and steadily, enabling the patient to pursue all activities which are otherwise very difficult to do.

Count on us to get relief from upper back pain in University Place as we have successfully treated many patients. Rely on us for:

  • Quick scheduling of appointment
  • Treatment by experienced doctor
  • Affordable rates

Call us to schedule an appointment. We emphasize natural healing of the pain as this is permanent treatment. Call Puget Sound Natural Medicine at (253) 579-3958 to get holistic treatment for upper and lower back pain in University Place.