Fife Work Related Injuries


It is important to take work related injuries seriously and seek suitable treatment immediately even if you suffer a minor injury on the job. There are two good reasons for not trying to "tough it out" and instead have a job injury treated promptly. First of all, timely action ensures the best possible recovery from work related injuries. Secondly, it strengthens your case for a workers’ compensation claim.

Puget Sound Natural Medicine is a great place to visit for those who suffer work related injuries in the Fife, WA area. We offer job injury treatment by a certified chiropractor who is a Washington State Labor & Industry credentialed practitioner. Come to us when you suffer an injury on the job with full assurance of receiving treatment that is:

  • Geared toward naturopathy
  • Drug-free chiropractic care
  • Effective, relieving inflammation
  • Aimed at delivering fast results

Call (253) 579-3958 to learn about why people who suffer work related injuries in the Fife area choose to visit Puget Sound Natural Medicine.

Fife Injury on the Job


Besides WA State L&I, we also work with self-insured plans for treating an injury on the job. We can help you manage your compensation claim along with providing the most appropriate treatment for the injury on the job you suffer in Fife.

Our chiropractor and naturopath has considerable experience in helping people recover from injuries that happen at the workplace. Some of the most common work related injuries we treat include:

  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Sprain from slipping and falling
  • Neck and back problems
  • Inflammation of tendons
  • Numbness in hands
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Do not hesitate to consult the knowledgeable skilled chiropractor at Puget Sound Natural Medicine for treatment of any injury on the job. Fife residents can contact us at (253) 579-3958 to schedule an appointment.

Fife Job Injury


We offer job injury treatment that avoids conventional medications and surgery procedures. However, our non-invasive measures are most certainly designed to provide the desired relief.

No matter how major or minor your job injury, we go all out to achieve its complete healing so that you regain your lost mobility, productivity, self-confidence, and more. We provide:

  • Muscle exercises
  • Chiropractic care/ajustments
  • Naturopathic care
  • Physiotherapy

Our chiropractor does not look just to help you recover from the injury on the job that you have currently experienced. Rather, we are genuinely concerned about your long-term well-being and even educate you about how to avoid work related injuries in the future.

Let Puget Sound Natural Medicine help you with rehabilitation of job injury suffered in the Fife area. Call (253) 579-3958 now!