Tacoma Holistic Medicine


Achieving optimal health is the primary goal of holistic medicine practice by gaining proper balance in life for patients in the Tacoma and surrounding area.

Through the use of holistic medicine, our naturopathic doctors and physicians support the belief that the whole person and their health consists of interdependent parts, and when one part is working improperly, all other parts will be affected.

Holistic medicine is a naturopathic treatment philosophy that can be used in the Tacoma area and beyond for patients that have health imbalances, including physical health, emotional health, mind and spirit, in their lives, affecting their overall health in a negative manner.

Our naturopathic doctor, through the use of holistic medicine practice or naturopathic medicine, focuses on helping an individual to achieve the highest functioning level of health and sense of well-being, irrespective of disease or illness, providing a balanced life.

We welcome your inquiries seeking additional information about the benefits of holistic medicine and our naturopathic doctor serving the Tacoma and surrounding area.  For medical treatment options through chiropractic care and naturopathic medicine in Tacoma, call our clinic at (253) 579-3958.

Tacoma Naturopathic Doctor


As a clinic whose chiropractor is also a naturopathic doctor and primary care physician, our naturopathic doctor applies the concept of natural healing, its principles, and practices with holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine and proactive prevention with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients in the Tacoma area and beyond.

Focusing on the use of protocols and modalities that minimize any risk of harm, our naturopathic doctor at our clinic assists in the facilitation of the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain health and wellness through holistic treatment.

The role of the naturopathic doctor is to evaluate the patient’s physical structure and physiology to identify and remove barriers that prevent good health and wellness by helping the body to create an internal and external healing environment. A treatment for achieving optimal health in the form of holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic or a blend of disciplines may be used at our clinic.

Our naturopathic doctor is trained in clinical nutrition, holistic medicine, physical medicine, naturopathic medicine, and counseling while embracing the philosophy that nature is the most effective healer for patients in the Tacoma and surrounding area.

Tacoma Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic medicine and chiropractic care is a system of primary health care emphasizing prevention and self-healing through the use of natural and holistic therapies.

Chiropractic healthcare has a long history of effective massage treatment for pain syndromes among the communities we serve, including residents of the Tacoma and surrounding area.

Since our naturopathic doctor in Tacoma has studied the same health sciences as a medical doctor, in addition to alternative therapies such as holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care, a customized health management strategy is set up for each patient.

Rather than just treating symptoms, at our clinic, we use naturopathic medicine to promote wellness, to treat illness and to prevent disease as we seek to find the cause of the problem.

We welcome you to our clinic, in the Tacoma area and beyond, seeking additional information about holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care or primary care.  Reach us at (253) 579-3958