Bonney Lake Menopause


There are women in the Bonney Lake area and beyond who can use hormone replacement therapy to help control symptoms of menopause.

Some women and their naturopathic physician are also considering other alternatives for menopause relief including homeopathic remedies and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement is an effective treatment for menopause symptoms; however, there are risks and side effects associated with the effects of estrogen and progestin hormone replacement that should be considered and discussed with your naturopathic physician who can help weigh the pros and cons.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, however, performs effectively, and is considered a safe and effective means for women who are seeking relief from symptoms of menopause.

Our naturopathic physician serving the Bonney Lake and surrounding area specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and can assess your needs with detailed laboratory testing to determine which hormones and delivery methods are best suited to your symptoms of menopause.  253-579-3958


Bonney Lake Hormone Replacement


If you are tired, overweight and depressed, you may be suffering from hormone deficiency.  Menopause, adrenal fatigue and other hormone syndromes are caused by improper hormone levels.

There are healthy solutions of hormone replacement associated with menopause for women in the Bonney Lake area and beyond. 

Since menopause is a normal part of life, there are natural, healthy ways to manage the changes that come with it such as diet, lifestyle changes and exercise that make menopause more manageable for women in the Bonney Lake area and beyond, and are better for your bones than estrogen prescriptions without the side effects.

Another means of hormone replacement is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, derived from plants.  Our naturopathic physician serving the Bonney Lake and surrounding area can prepare a custom treatment plan to include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy following a physical examination and appropriate laboratory work.


Bonney Lake Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


We are on the forefront in terms of anti-aging for women, and prefer natural medicine as a way of doing hormone replacement for women in the Bonney Lake and surrounding area.

That means we use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or plant-derived bioidentical hormones that look identical to human hormones in treating women in the Bonney Lake area and beyond. 

The advantage of using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is that menopause symptoms and any symptoms related to hormone deficiency or imbalance are alleviated without side effects of synthetic hormones.

Our naturopathic doctor conducts a thorough history, physical examination and performs appropriate laboratory tests for patients in the Bonney Lake area and beyond.   With the results, we are able to establish a customized individual treatment plan that includes a prescription for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

For menopause relief for Bonney Lake and surrounding area women, call us for holistic options or a natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatment plan.  (253) 579-3958