Puyallup Menopause


There are safe forms of menopause relief for residents in the Puyallup and surrounding area.

We are in the forefront of anti-aging with the use of holistic options and other alternatives for menopause relief including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Conventional hormone replacement, or synthetic hormones, is prescribed as a treatment for some women who are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause.  If you are considering the use of conventional hormone replacement, we recommend discussing its use with your naturopathic physician serving the Puyallup area and beyond to help weigh the pros and cons, and its risks and side effects.

The use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is considered to be a safe and effective means for women who are seeking relief from symptoms of menopause.

Our naturopathic physician welcomes the opportunity of discussing a natural menopause treatment plan with patients in the Puyallup and surrounding area that may include essential nutrients for hormone regulation, exercise and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  253-579-3958


Puyallup Hormone Replacement


There is a safe and effective natural approach with healthy hormone replacement solutions for women in the Puyallup area and beyond who are seeking relief caused by menopause.

You may be experiencing fatigue, excessive weight gain and depression as a result of hormone deficiency.  Menopause, adrenal fatigue or other hormone syndromes are caused by improper hormone levels.

We know that menopause is a normal part of life.  What you may not know is that there are natural, healthy methods of managing those changes for women in the Puyallup and surrounding area, such as diet, nutrients and exercise.

There is another method of hormone replacement that is natural, called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy derived from plants.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is prescribed for women in the Puyallup area and beyond to increase or stabilize hormone levels.


Puyallup Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Most of us from the age of 30 years and upward are experiencing the onset of hormone imbalance.  The use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may provide the relief you are seeking.

Only a highly-trained physician, such as our naturopathic doctor, is fully equipped to evaluate the effects of hormonal imbalance, the effects of menopause, adrenal fatigue and other classic symptoms of aging for residents in the Puyallup and surrounding area.

We have experience in the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, in the Puyallup area and beyond, as a recommended means of treating menopause symptoms and other symptoms related to hormone deficiency or imbalance without the side effects associated with synthetic hormones.

From the results following a thorough history, physical examination and appropriate laboratory tests, our naturopathic physician can establish a customized individual therapy treatment plan that may include a prescription for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

For hormonal imbalance and menopause relief for Puyallup and surrounding area residents, call us for holistic options or a natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatment plan.  (253) 579-3958